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Location: 574 CABELA DRIVE
Highlights: Photo Gallery - Hobbs Wheeling Glass, LaBelle Pottery, Central Glass, Wheeling Pottery, Advertising, Toys, Many Wheeling related items & More!
Notes: Northwood Master Punchbowl , Blue Opalescent Seaweed, Gunderson Rose Bowl, Stratford Springs "Sel-Zo" Bottle, Central Glass Log Cabin Pitcher & Open Sugar, "Stump Speaker" Cast Iron Bank, T. Conn. Noise Maker and Japan Cat Sparker, Wheeling WV Yard Stick Lot, 12 Street Garage Wheeling WV License Plate Holder and Ashtray , Hobbs Wheeling Celery, Fenton Amethyst Carnival Punch Bowl Cups, Warwick Jardinière with 2 Piece Base, Warwick Fisherman Tankard Lamp, Warwick Gypsy Vase, Warwick Chamber Set , Warwick Biscuit Jar, Warwick Cracked Ice Dresser Tray & Bowl, 6 Wheeling WV Rulers, Unique Art "Bombo" Toy, Marx Handyman's Repair Truck, Proll-O-Tone Organ and Flamingo Arthur Godfrey Uke Player, Walt Disney Donald Duck Roly-Poly, Krys-Tol Diamond Peg Custard Pitcher and 4 Glasses, 2 Milk Glass Painted Decanters, Hobbs Francis ware Swirl Covered Sugar and Dessert , Goofus Glass Plates, LaBelle China Wheeling Commandery No.1 Plates, Peachblow Ruffled Brides Bowl, Warwick Cardinal Monk Tankard Set, Warwick Floral Pattern Vase, LaBelle China Jardinière, Warwick China Large Vase, Warwick Floral Pattern Vase, Warwick Floral Pattern Vase, LaBelle China Victorian Lady 2 Handled Vase, LaBelle China Semi-nude Lady Plate, Marsh Wheeling Stogies Box and Ledger Book, Marsh Wheeling Stogies Box Opener/Tamper/Bottle Opener and Marsh Wheeling Printing Plate, Tobacco Can Lot, Prince Albert Glass Jar with Paper Labels, 1912 Calendar Plate "H.E. McConey The Stogie Man, Wheeling WV, Fulton Bank & Trust Advertising Bell, H.F. Behrens War Sealer Stoneware Crock, Warwick China Poppy Pattern Punch Bowl with 4 Cups, Buccaneer Texas Grape Tomato & Libby's Prune's Wooden Boxes, American Cynamid & Chemical Corp. Dynamite and Sager Special Chemical Process Axe Wooden Boxes, Arm & Hammer Soda and Lowney's Breakfast Coca Wooden Boxes, Weimer Packing Wheeling WV, Exwaco - Wheeling WV, Old Hickory Shoe Lace Display, LaBelle Drink Dispenser , 2 Wheeling Tile "Bird" Plates, 2 Wheeling Tile Plates , 2 Wheeling Tiles "Horses" , Northwood Glass Cream and Sugar, Northwood Fruit Bowl, Hobbs Wheeling Light Blue Hobnail Tumbler, Hobbs Wheeling Clear Francis ware Hobnail Tumbler, Hobbs Wheeling Robina Hobnail Tumbler, Hobbs Wheeling Robina Frosted Hobnail Tumbler, Hobbs Wheeling Cheese Dish, Trapeze Toy – Japan, Drostes Cocoa tin , Red Circle Coffee bank and Plastic Cowboy Boot bank, 2 Scrapbooks , The Home Magazine 1923, Liberty's Victorious Conflict 1918 and a Victorian Family Picture, Peerless Ice Cream Freezer Salesman's Sample, Miniature Percolator, Miniature Violin in Case, Coal Buckey Salesman's Sample, Wagner Salesman's Sample Waffle Iron, Lovelle Mfg. Washer Ringer Salesman's Sample, Horlick's Malted Milk Jar with lid, 2 White House Vinegar Jars, Straw Jar and Lyric Graduated Bottle, Johnstown PA Tall Bottle with Man and J.F.G. Products Jar, Hazel Atlas Paneled Pickle Jar with Lid and Handle & Citrate Magnesia bottle, Hobbs Wheeling Drape Tumbler, Hobbs Wheeling Drape Tea Cup, Hobbs Wheeling Hobnail Opalescent Robina Ruffled Bowl, Hobnail Opalescent Robina Vase, Hobbs Wheeling Honeycomb Frost Francis ware Vase, LaBelle China Flowblue Bread Trey, LaBelle China Footed Bowl, 1956 West Virginia License Plate, Uneeda Bakers Biscuit Box Lid, Packers Tar Soap Tin, Champion Tin and Swan's Down Cake Flour Jar Opener , 4 Piece Baking Utensil Lot, 4 Piece Kitchen Utensil Lot, United Dairy Milk Crate, Half Pint UDC Milk Bottle and Quality Dairy Carton, Brookfield Babyface Milk Bottle, Tin Coffee Grinder, Colander and Baking Tin Group, Dr. Frampton - Wheeling, WV Strainer, State Bank of Elm Grove Bank Box, Unusual Pop/Beer Bottle, Planters Peanuts Jar, Salt and Pepper Shakers and Peanut Knife, 2 Jumbo Peanut Butter Jars, Stratford Spring Bottle, Clarks Teaberry Gum Stand, Knights Templar Hat and Jewels, International Order of the Odd Fellows Jewel - Cadiz, Ohio, RG Hobbs, Building Supply Products and 84 Lumber Hardware Aprons, 4 Wheeling Steel Corp. Tumblers, Wheeling Steel Corp. Catalog No. 27, Wheeling Steel Fire Bucket, Wheeling Steel Cream Color Trash Can, Wheeling Steel Miniature Salesman's Sample Trash Can with Label, 7 Wheeling Steel Ductillite Trays, 10 Wheeling and Surrounding area Match Books, Playskool Auto-Jack, Plastic Bam-Bam and Spring Head Valentine Toys, Fostoria Glass Hand Painted Milk Glass, Fostoria Advertising and Stickers with 2 Coin Glass Nappies, Fostoria for Avon George and Martha Washington Goblets, 2 Glass Decanters and Avon by Fostoria Candy Dish, Fostoria Hand Painted Milk Glass Vase, Wheeling Decorating Bread Tray and Butter Bowl, Hand Painted Milk Glass Vase and Creamer, Hand Painted Milk Glass Indian Vase, Wheeling Decorating Cream and Sugar, Playmore 50 Wind-up Car with Box and Metal Masters Bus, Daisey Ranger Miniature Oven, 7 Miniature Cast Iron Cooking Pieces, 7 Miniature Tin Cooking Pieces, Childs Singer Sewing Machine Kit, Hobnail Robina Picture, (3) 4 Pieces Akro Agate Glassware Sets, Nail City Brewing Co. Glass and 1987 Light the Suspension Bridge Paperweight, T.T. Hutchisson & Co. Catalogue No.12, Tin Pan Alley, Wheeling WV Menu, Dr. Henley's Oregon Kidney Tea Jar, Coca-Cola Advertising Stand-up Cardboard Santa, 2 Trays and Box of Memorabilia, George and Martha Washington Tray, Dan Mercer Ware Mug, Dan Mercer Ware Miniature Pitcher, Dan Mercer Ware Planter, Hand Painted Mantel Ewer, Columbus Packing 2LB Lard Tin, Malto Biscuit Tin, Blossom Brand Candy Tin, 1 Gallon Glass Lined Water Cooler, 12 Quart Milk Can, L.S. Good and Annette Shops Hat Boxes, Stetson Salesman's Sample Hat Tin with Hat, Dobbs Salesman's Sample Hat Box with Hat, Barclay Salesman's Sample Hat Box with Hat, Marsh Wheeling Pioneers Cigar Box Wrapper and Folk Art Match Box, Marque De Fabrique Harpe Piccolo, Dobbs Hat Ash Tray & Knox Hats Santa Bank, 2 Warwick China Fox Hunt Mugs, Warwick China Osiris Shrine/Fisherman Mug, Warwick China Elk Mug, Warwick China Indian Mug, Warwick China Monk with Newspaper, Warwick China Victorian Lady Vase, Warwick China Chestnut Vase, Warwick China Santone Cup and Saucer, Warwick China Ladies Spittoon, China Salesman Sample, Warwick China Flow blue Windmill Plate, Warwick China Flow blue Windmill Bread Plate, Warwick China Flow blue Windmill Bone Dish, Warwick China Nut Dish with Under Plate, 38 Reproduction Political Buttons in Frame, Ziegenfelders Ice Cream Box and Brer Rabbit Molasses Advertising Piece, Northwood Glass Bank Bowl, Lincoln Drape Oil Lamp, Hand Painted Oil Lamp, White House Vinegar 1 Gallon Jug, White House Vinegar Small Apple Jar, Hobbs Wheeling Oil Lamp, Costume Jewelry Lot , Vance Memorial Presbyterian Church Serving Tray, Finger Bowl and Plate, Hobbs Wheeling "Bastard" Peachblow Basket, Thorn Handle, Fenton Hanging Heart Vase, 4 Colorful Jelly and Peanut Butter Jars, Hazel Atlas 10 Jar and Lids, Hazel Atlas Cream and Sugar Set, 5 Wheeling WV Funeral Home Fans, 2 Glass Reference Books, Tip Top Cakes and Bond Bread Paper Advertising Pieces, Warwood "Warrior" 1969 Yearbook, 3 Shoe Advertising Pieces, Bond Bread Door Push, Gail & Ax Navy Tobacco Tin, Star Egg Carrier and Old Bottle Capper, Early Square Butter Mold, Miniature Porcelain Bathtub, Lenox Standard Salesman's Sample Sink, Standard San. Mfg. Co., Salesman's Sample Puro Toilet, Miniature Cast Iron Bath Tub, Miniature Dazey Butter Churn, Small Wagner Cast Iron Tea Kettle, Small and Miniature Meat Grinders, Miniature Percolator, Miniature Sat iron "Asbestos", Miniature Iron and Salesman's Sample Ironing Board, 3 Piece Barrister Bookcase, Oak Chamber Pot, Hump Back Trunk, Wringer Washing Machine, Double Wheeling Steel Wash Tubs, Mannequin, Berlin Ohio Ladies Aux. Uniform, US Navy Pea Coat, US Navy Uniform, Vintage Santa Clause Costume, Arrow Shirts and Collars Advertising on Canvas, Straw Hat from "The Hub" Wheeling WV, La Belle 10lb. Nail Keg, "Avon" Wheeling Pottery Tankard, Wheeling Pottery Pitcher and Vase, Hobbs Wheeling Fern and Daisy Vaseline Tumblr, Hobbs Wheeling Leaf and Flower Clear Tumblr, Central Glass Rope & Thumbprint Spooner, Central Glass Pressed Diamond Finger Bar, Hobbs Wheeling Reverse Swirl Cranberry Opalescent, Central Glass Cabbage Rose Oval Bowl, Wallie Dorr Co. Miniature Pool Table, Big Wooden Mallet, Wheeling Steel Chimney Door. Large Revere Copper Boiler, Belden Slaters Hammer, Large Photo Of Wheeling WV Upper Market, American Stores Company Advertising , Victorian Lady Tall Picture, Kraut Cutter with Box, Electrical Insulators One Wooden one Glass, Antique Brest Drill, Pipe, Wrench and Cutting Tool, 3 Antique Planes, Apple Peeler and Chopper, Wheeling Tile, Bissell's Sweeper, Trowel and Knife Sharpener, Battery Operated Bartender, Wolverine Adding Machine and Atomic Flying Saucer, German Spring Leg Duck, General Store Ticket Hanger, "It's Ernest" Talking Figurine, Imperial Glass "Great Seal of West Virginia" Bottle, 2 Budweiser Mugs, Mr. Peanut - Peanut Butter Maker, 3 Banks, Folk Art Donkey and Wind-Up Made in Japan Cat, The Game of Dragnet and the Six Million Dollar Man Board Games, Stanley brass and Wood Foldup Ruler Lot, Boot Scraper and Oil Lamp Bracket Lot, 4 piece coffee pot lot, & much more!
Terms: Cash & Credit Cards (5% buyer’s premium on all credit card sales), live interactive internet bidding is available for selected items. For internet and absentee bidders a 20% buyer’s premium is in effect and shall be added to the final auction block price to become the total sales price
Directions: Take I70 to Cabela exit; go straight past Sheetz, Turn LEFT one block past Olive Garden, and watch for auction signs